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  Welcome to Hideaway Garden Services - A Complete Garden Service
  Advice and Mentoring
  What is it? It's whatever you want it to be!

Maybe you lack confidence or experience in a particular area or skill assosiated with gardening?

Often the service would take the form of a visit (or visits) to your home to assist you. You can expect a hands on approach, not a case of telling you what to do and watching! More showing you how to do it, then helping you do it, hopefully a time will come when YOU CAN DO IT ON YOUR OWN!

The range of subjects is endless.

Planning and design - Selecting suitable materials - Hard landscaping skills

Plant selection - Seed sowing - Propagation - Pricking out & potting on

Planting - Caring for new and established plants - Pruning

Starting a new garden - Renovating a neglected one

Coping with everyday garden tasks

Establishing a pond

Virtually anything!



Phone: 01634 231693         Email: hays1990@hotmail.com       

Hideaway Garden Services   13 Moat Way   Queenborough   Kent   ME11   5BU

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