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Company History

SofTap Permanent Cosmetics are based in the USA and they have been pioneers within the micropigmentation industry for over 30 years. Their colours and the unique Hand Tool Method are second to none.

Jeanette Cunningham has been offering The SofTap Method here in the UK since 1999.
Our student have come from all over the UK and Europe where Jeanette works frequently. are proud to be one of their distributors here in the UK.

Our companies work very closely together, offering our unique training,along with colours and equipment. We support our clients one hundred percent, offering advice on colour and shape and aftercare. We also give technical support and advice to our customers and students. We feel that helping the Industry keep ahead and updated in all aspects of Micropigmentation treatments and products help our technicians become confident in their work, as well as being well informed students and clients.

Our Training, so we are told is second to none. We offer good sound information on the whole concept of Permanent Make-up, micropigmentation, Microblading and body art tattooing, colour theory, along hygiene and airborne pathogens training.
Conversion Courses to the Hand Tool Method, also on offer are our Advanced Paramedical and scar tissue classes.

We want our students to feel confident and achieve the UltimateExcellence within the field of micropigmentation. This means we must give our student the maximum knowledge, skill and after training care.

We sell the SofTap products, colours and equipment. Our comfort handles, fish handles
and click handles along with the needles are completly disposable, which makes life easy. We supply, small and large sets of needles. The lower configurations are one line of needles and are great for straight lines and the larger set of needls come in multiple rows which aids with quick implantation of the colours especially for lips and areola replacement. Curved needles to make the perfect indivisual brow, along with
round needles which make the smudge effect excelently.

The SofTap Hand Tool Method is clean and quick. This system is so good it takes the fear of making mistakes, clean away.
It also gives the Technician time to become creative. Clients love this method as the pain factor is managable especially around the eyes
and soft tissue areas.

We invite you to look at our sight and make your choices.


Jeannie Cunningham
Phone: 07956264956
Mobile: +44 (0)7782220408
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