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Doug gained his BA in graphic fine arts and MA in digital arts.

Thank you for entering his web site, and for those who will stay the course he hopes you will be entertained.

Doug would like to apologise to all his avid followers for failing to update his website but
feels he has had almost as many technical problems
over months as Bill Gates Microsoft.
Anyway Hopefully its up and running now and he can update his forthcoming event page.

Doug's personal pain problem over the years has shown much interest.He is one of the 250 jaw pain sufferers that have a condition called S.U.N.A (Short lasting unilateral neuralgia attack).

Doug has now had the pain partially treated with a medication called Lamotrigine. Doug has used his jaw condition to reflect his style of art in the following pages.He would like to hear from
other pain sufferers on his e mail about their
own problem.
The image above was produced using PVA glue on acetate,and put through a slide scanner. Doug feels some of his images convey a sense of beauty. Many use art practice as a form of therapy but in Doug's case he sees his art frequently at a cross roads. He uses experimentation in ideas by way of practice with day to day materials, such as bleach, PVA,and Gesso.
On the watercolour web page please look at Jo LOuca's work on

other videos by Doug on Vimeo click on video art page.


Doug Fry
Phone: 01474 852028
Mobile: 07944 481285
4 Phelps Close,   West Kingsdown,   Sevenoaks,   Kent,   TN15   6DN
Phone: 01474 852028 - Email:
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