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The majority of plants we produce come from propagation on site whether it be from seed, root cuttings, tip cuttings or basal cuttings.

We produce several thousand different types of herbaceous plants every year.

The main pot size we sell our plants is a 2L pot. However, we also sell in a range of 3L, 5L, 1L, P9, and 10L size pots. All plants will be potted in the pot size its suitable for its growth.

We have a new covered area for plants that will benefit from shade such as Polygonatum and Hostas along with a variety of ferns.
Net tunnels are a really good form of protection that we have for our younger and non-hardy plants in the winter.

We also have a range of alpines in stock such as Scleranthus, Sempervivum, and Sagina that will make a brilliant addition to your rock gardens.

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