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    From Heather - December 2017
    When I first came to Rumbolds I had deafness in both ears, sinus blockage, and a very bloated abdomen causing pain following surgery. I have had severe headaches and throat/ear infections for several years. Andrew, after prior contact with my hospital consultant, relieved an abdominal lymph blockage over several sessions ( I always felt a whoosh when the lymph started to flow when unblocked). It was a very gentle technique. He at the same time worked on unblocking the lymph flow around my face and ears with the result that my hearing was fully restored. He also treated the cranial lymph blockage at the rear of my skull which resulted in the same whoosh of lymph flow and a release of an old infection going back 15 years (which I think had caused the constant headaches) which, after a weekly MLD treatment over 6 weeks, was healed through the now properly functioning lymph system. I no longer have sinus or hearing issues and no more headaches and feel a well woman again for the first time in years! Heather

    From Catherine - November 2017
    I came to Rumbolds having had severe headaches and pressure behind the eyes for the last ten years after I contracted Lymes disease with related Meningitis. Andrew carried out MLD to my face/ neck and head and found a cranial lymph blockage which he relieved following which my headaches have gone down from a pain level of 8 to 2 and my eyesight seems to be better with less pressure behind the eyes. I am very pleased.

    From Anna- August 2017:
    I am very happy and satisfied with the Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatments I received at the Rumbolds Lymph Clinic.
    I had had a prior operation which resulted in lymphoedema and swelling in my right leg. I was wearing an ill fitting compression stocking
    I had five treatments during the course of a week and by the end of the week the lymph volume in my leg had been reduced by 8%. Since I have no inguinal nodes he worked on creating a new pathway for the lymph to other healthy nodes for a more lasting solution to my lymphoedema. This meant I have needed to wear the stocking much less. I also was given valuable expert advice and measurement in getting the correct support garments for my leg.
    I stayed on site at Rumbolds in a very comfortable self contained cottage with my husband.

    From Paul - May 2018
    Following a melanoma removal in my leg my calf had swollen to twice the size. After three treatments with Andrew my leg had returned to normal size

    From Liz - June 2018
    I had been having severe sinusitis for over a year and developed a swelling on the nape of my neck. I had treatment for impeded Cerebral Spinal Fluid lymph flow

    From Barbara - December 2018
    I have had swelling in both arm and hand as well as chest following a mastectomy and radiotherapy. I have seen a substantial reduction in symptoms following treatment at Rumbolds

    From Cathy January 2019
    I have swelling in both legs following removal of nodes in my groin. I have been very pleased with the treatment which is ongoing. Andrew also measured me for compression tights as a precaution but we are aiming not to have to wear them due to his treatments


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