Manual Lymph Therapy

  Appointments and Directions  

For an initial telephone discussion please call me at:

Rumbolds Clinic on 01403 871654

If you attend the clinic, directions are as follows (we are 10 minutes from Haslemere):

Rumbolds Farm,

Rumbolds Lane


West Sussex RH14 0PZ

Plaistow is ideally located in reach of Guildford, Godalming, Haslemere, Cranleigh, Billingshurst and Petworth.

Come right to the very end of Rumbolds Lane past cottage on right and past green farm gates until you see solid oak gates to the right with Rumbolds Farm labelled on them. Press answer phone and I will open the electric gates.


Phone: 01403 871654         Email: 

RUMBOLDS CLINIC   Rumbolds Farm   Rumbolds Lane   Plaistow   West Sussex   RH14   0PZ

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