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Rumbolds Lymph Clinic is situated on the Surrey/ Sussex border close to Haslemere/Guildford.

The primary treatment for which we are BUPA accredited involves Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy(Vodder level 3). We also use Low level laser therapy to reduce any fibrosis and also promote tissue and scar healing, kinesiotape to reduce lymph swelling, and redirect lymph flow to healthy lymph vessels and nodes if they have been removed or damaged. As a secondary treatment we can apply compression bandaging as well as measure for and order compression garments.

The following are some of the main conditions treated:

  • Post operative lymphoedema/lymphostasis which in the case of cancers can arise after node removal and/or radiotherapy causing swelling

  • Any tissue swelling/oedema in face and neck,chest,arms/legs/ankles/abdomen which can arise for non cancer related conditions or may be congenital

  • Sinus blockages/migraine/tinnitis/aural/ME/continuous throat infections, and also cranial lymph flow blockages which may cause some of the above symptoms

  • Post cancer treatment related oedema (E.g following node removal, radiotherapy, resulting in: face and neck swelling, post mastectomy chest and arm swelling, groin or lower limb swelling

  • Abdominal and gynaecological surgery possibly affecting abdominal lymph flow with consequent possible abdominal swelling, lower limb oedema and lymphorrhea

  • Ankle/ leg swelling/ leg ulcers

  • Post cosmetic or maxillo/facial surgery related oedema, or possible oedema following liposuction or lower limb vein treatment

  • Asthma, Bronchitic and other respiratory complaints

  • Scar and burn healing with MLD and low level laser

  • Relief of arthritic/muscular pain with MLD and low level laser therapy

  • Relief of constipation/IBS through surface abdominal MLD

  • Relief of back or neck pain, whiplash or spinal trauma through MLD, massage and/or low level laser

  • Cranial lymph flow impairment potentially leading to migraines, facial swelling, and auditory impairment. This follows recent research by Professor Weller into the dural CSF and ISF lymphatic flow.

    For a general discussion or an appointment ring 01403 871654.

    Treatment plans are devised with you following an initial assessment at the clinic and review of any referral notes from your consultant/doctor or referring specialist.

    The following insurers have registered the clinic as an approved therapy provider for MLD and CDT:



    Vitality Health


Phone: 01403 871654

Phone: 01403 871654         Email: 

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