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Watercolour and glass painting ideas

Doug is exploring various new ideas in watercolour using visits to Monet's garden and the Lily ponds as an
inspiration for subjects of various
garden sites in the UK.

The images as well as being simplistic tend to have a shiny
look like the Amaryllis photo above.
His latest project below is "The final ride" in watercolour lends references to extinction.

He has recently moved to Sidcup
art club that meet once a week at Hurst Road community centre. A very pleasant
group making him very welcome.

Glass painting ideas

Doug is currently using images behind shattered glass then painted
to form a stain glass effect.

He uses just three principal colours which can be found in historic church widow images, red, blue and yellow or gold. He however has a problem
finding leading on the market. PC seems to have taken care of that.

� Laser cutters and welding is interesting. Sand blasting reminds him of an article in his book �painting on Glass� On this topic . � Sand blasting can often be combined with glass painting. We first degrease the glass. There are different ways of colouring a sand blasted pane whether glass or mirror.

The patina left by gouache or coloured varnish (stained glass paints.). It often goes well with silver powder.
Metallic powder ( gold, silver, bronze and the like) applied with a varnish.

image of the light catcher designed by Doug at the Craft Guild in Bristol.

Jo Louca recently made an appearance

at Swanley art society with a

demonstration of watercolour on a night


A Very interesting talk and permission

by her to include her website on his.


"It is important to find out how to go beyond using colours straight from a bottle into how to mix colours
to increase colour range and achieve
just the right colour for any project in hand. " White is a difficult colour
to use of all the glass colours"
White is not transparent and we mix just a few drops with colour."

We preferably start with the lightest colour and add a little at a time
till we reach a soft etched look and
catches the light.
" The Glass Painting Book Jane Duntsterville 1999"

Doug has now joined a course with the
Craft Guild in Bristol and using a stained glass starter kit has made a light catcher as to the left.

He was pleased to receive from them the leading he was in need of.

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