pain in the arts
2D/3D Art & Video
fashion victim

dropped stitches

sticking zips

pricking fingers

no thimbles

hat pins


bad clasps

confusing patterns

bad fittings

"fashion victim is a term claimed to have been coined by U.S designer Oscar De La Renta that is used to identify a person who is unable to recognise boundries of style."

victim terms

victim's clothes: fashionista

trendy: designer

gay: label

whore: metro sensual

poser: Boho

fat Goth boy: fat Goth girl

Goth ball: Gothic bootleg

Hipster: poseur

" You must learn to develop your class of style, and you must accept that some clothes look good on some while on others
they do not."

This is an image called " The Last Customer"
and depicts Parisian caf� Society and is in mixed media. Doug's interest in fashion inspired this.

Pain in animals

"In humans pain is a distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli. Whether
animals apart from humans also experience pain is contentious. The standard measure of pain in humans is how a person reports that pain." Pain"
is defined by the International Association for
the study of Paris as " an unpleasant sensory
and emotional experience associated with actual
or potential tissue damage or described in such
terms of such damage"


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