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Marine Beauty

The work below was featured at a 2017 exhibition in the "Peter Blake Gallery" in Dartford library and later exhibited at the "What if gallery"
The group was shown under the title Miasma.

Picture 2 (below)

Picture 4

Picture 8

World Oceans Day

"Coral reefs are the most diverse of the marine
world. In warm shallow waters these conditions
are stable all the year round.
Competition for living space is intense.
On coral reefs the ecosystem is rightly organised and nutrient recycling is of the utmost efficiency in order to make the most of the small amount of relatively nutrients available."

"The waters are relatively poor in nutrients hence the total numbers may be quite low."

"Increasing carbon dioxide emissions could leave
species such as coral and sea urchins struggling
to survive by the end of the century because they are making the oceans more acidic ,research led
by British scientists suggests
" The study published in the journal "nature"
showed that certain species are very badly affected by rising "acidity." Corals of the Caryophyllia, Chadocora and Balanophyllia varieties for example were common on the seabed in the region, but absent close to the vents. Sea urchins and sea snails were also affected badly by the high acidity

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