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Highdown Rodders Fly Fishing Club

Programme for 2020

Fishing trips for 2020

Draycote 19th September

Farmoor 10th October

Haywards Farm 3rd November

Christmas fish Manningford
29th November

Social Activities

AGM Date and venue to be confirmed

Fly tying/Social evenings
Kennet Valley Community Club

To be announced


Annual Dinner 16th January 2021
Caversham Heath Golf Club



Reading Berks fly tying and fishing club


Christmas fish November 2016

Flies for a typical season on Chalk streams

Iron Blue, Greenwells Glory, Beacon Beige, Gold Ribbed Hares Ear, Large Dark Olive, Lunns Particular, Houghton Ruby


Iron Blue, Large Dark Olive, Hawthorn, Grannom, Mayfly, Pale Watery, Lunns Particular, Spent May, Grey Wulff


Pale Watery, Ginger Quill, Tups Indispensable, Mayfly, Yellow Boy, Spent May, Red Wulff, Klinkhammer, Grey Wulff


Blue Winged Olive, Ginger Quill, Orange Quill, Sedges, Caperer, Sherry Spinner, Red Wulff, Klinkhammer, Grey Wulff


Blue Winged Olive, Caperer, Orange Quill, Sedges, Terry Terror, Black Gnat, Sherry Spinner, Red Wulff, Nymphs, Klinkhammer


Blue Winged Olive, Orange Quill, Iron Blue, Sedges, Daddy Long Legs, Lunns Particular, Sherry Spinner, Red Wulff, Nymphs, Klinkhammer

Phone: 01189 479049         Email: mike@mphhammond.com        www.easisites.co.uk/highdownroddersflyfishingclub

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