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We grow a wide range of varieties of Apples, Pears and Plums. Please note that the seasons given in attached link, and below, are approximate and are dependent on weather, storage and other conditions outside our control.


Discovery Mid-Aug to early Sep
Worcester x Beauty of Bath
Crisp and juicy when picked, somewhat chewy, pleasant flavour

Tydemans Early End Aug to mid-Sep
McIntosh x Worcester
Sweet and juicy, pleasant flavour

Laxton's Fortune End Aug to end Sep
Cox x Wealthy
Juicy, crisp, sweet, aromatic flavour; bruises easily

St Edmund's Pippin Mid-Sep to end Oct
A russet apple with first class flavour

Greensleeves Mid-Sep to early Nov
Crunchy, sweet and juicy

Early Windsor (Alkmene) Mid-Sep to mid-Nov
Oldenburg x Cox
Very similar to Cox, but earlier

Sunset Mid-Sep to Dec
Cox open-pollinated
Similar to Cox, but earlier

Cox's Orange Pippin Oct to Dec
Rich aromatic flavour

Spartan Early Oct to Dec
McIntosh x Yellow Newtown Pippin
Sweet, crisp and juicy, developing pleasant vinous flavour

Fiesta (Red Pippin) Early Oct to early Feb
Cox x Idared
Very crisp and juicy, Cox-like flavour

Crown Gold Mid-Oct to Feb
Golden Delicious x Jonathan
Juicy & sweet

Rubinette Mid-Oct to Feb
Golden x Cox?

Falstaff Late Oct to Feb
James Grieve x Golden Delicious
Crisp, juicy, good acid/sugar balance

Suntan Nov to Feb
Cox x Court Pendu Plat
Rich Cox-like flavour but sharper and firmer

Kent Nov to Mar
Cox x Jonathan
Rich, slightly sharp, aromatic flavour becoming mellower and sweeter after Christmas, firm texture

Crispin Nov to Mar
Firm, juicy


Bramley Early Sep to Feb
Tart and cooks to a frothy pulp; the classic English cooking apple, ideal stewed or baked or in pies


Triumph of Vienne Sep to Oct
Sweet and crunchy or leave to ripen

Conference Late Sep to Jan
Eat crisp or let soften; sweet and juicy

Comice Late Oct to Jan
Leave a few days to ripen; rich flavour, melting juicy texture


A selection of varieties available from early August to late September, including:

Herman - Late Jul - early Aug
Opal - Early - mid Aug
Victoria - Mid - late Aug
Warwickshire Drooper - Late Aug - early Sep
Marjorie's Seedling - Early - mid Sep
Switchen (= Zwetsche/ Quetsche, Pozegaca) mid - late Sep

Damsons - Late Aug - mid Sep


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