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Myths and Misconceptions

The most common misconception about homeopathy is that you must get worse before you get better. It is true that your body, in an effort to right itself, may go through some of the problems you've experienced in the past, in order to sort them out properly. These old problems may have been dealt with artificially or suppressed with antibiotics or steriods in which case your body may need to relive them in a mild way so that they can be dealt with properly and naturally. For example, if you used to suffer from tonsillitis, you could get a sore throat after taking a remedy. It is also possible to get an aggravation of your symptoms after taking the remedy if the potency is too high. This would occur a few days after taking it and would last only two or three days. It is, however, seen as a very good sign and an improvement of the condition should swiftly follow.

Some homeopaths warn their patients not to drink coffee because it is thought to antedote the remedies. As students we all experimented with remedies and tried to antedote them with masses of coffee and I don't know anyone who succeeded. However, coffee will affect the nervous system and therefore your energy, and strong, caffeinated coffee could undo the good that the remedy is doing. I would suggest only a moderate intake of decaffeinated coffee.

Mint is one thing that most homeopaths are unsure of and to be safe I ask patients not to take peppermint for an hour before or after taking the remedy.

There is a lot talked about not touching homeopathic remedies. This is because they can be taken in through the skin and this is not such a reliable or predictable method of taking a remedy. For this reason also it is not a good idea to touch a homeopathic remedy unless it is intended for you. However, you cannot damage its efficacy by doing so.


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Our bodies have a blue print for success - they desperately try to recover by themselves but sometimes they need a gentle nudge in the right direction.

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