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We supply our firewood in Barrow Bags which are a builders bag style of package but with similar dimensions to a 'Wheelie Bin'

One Barrow Bag contains a quarter of a cubic meter of logs and cost 28.20 inc 5% VAT and delivery if your house is in a ten mile radius of Marlow. We can deliver further for no extra charge but you may have to buy more than one bag

I can deliver the Barrow Bags pretty much anywhere on your property you can get a Wheelie Bin to.

The bags come complete with a lid so they can be stored outside if room inside is a problem.

The wood is all hardwood Ash Beech Oak Sycamore and is ready for burning.

Kindling is not available at present

Please note that single bag deliveries will cost 35,00

Contact by e-mail is preferred as it helps orders to run effectively and smoothly.

Firewood Delivery

William White
Mobile: 07973 347 664

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