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1970 - Ry Cooder: "Ry Cooder"
1972 - Ry Cooder: "Into The Purple Valley"
1972 - Ry Cooder: "Boomer's Story"
1974 - Ry Cooder: "Paradise and Lunch"
1976 - Ry Cooder: "Chicken Skin Music"
1977 - Ry Cooder: "Show Time"
1978 - Ry Cooder: "Jazz"
1979 - Ry Cooder: "Bop Till You Drop"
1980 - Ry Cooder: "Borderline"
1982 - Ry Cooder: "The Slide Area"
1985 - Ry Cooder: "Super Stars Best Collection" - Ry Cooder (Japan: Jasnac Records)
1986 - Ry Cooder: "Why Don't You Try Me Tonight?" [compilation]
1987 - Ry Cooder: "Get Rhythm"
1992 - Ry Cooder: "The Best Of Ry Cooder" (Warner Italy compilation)
1994 - Ry Cooder: "River Rescue - The Very Best Of Ry Cooder" (Includes the track "River Come Down" (pka Bamboo) from a LEE commercial)
2005 - Ry Cooder: "Chavez Ravine"
2007 - Ry Cooder: "My Name Is Buddy"
2007 - Ry Cooder: "Ry Cooder", Ltd Remasterd Paper Sleeve Edition Japan
2007 - Ry Cooder: "Into The Purple Valley", Ltd Remasterd Paper Sleeve Edition Japan
2007 - Ry Cooder: "Boomer's Story", Ltd Remasterd Paper Sleeve Edition Japan
2007 - Ry Cooder: "Paradise & Lunch", Ltd Remasterd Paper Sleeve Edition Japan
2007 - Ry Cooder: "Chicken Skin Music", Ltd Remasterd Paper Sleeve Edition Japan
2007 - Ry Cooder: "Showtime", Ltd Remasterd Paper Sleeve Edition Japan
2007 - Ry Cooder: "JAZZ", Ltd Remasterd Paper Sleeve Edition Japan
2007 - Ry Cooder: "Bop Till You Drop", Ltd Remasterd Paper Sleeve Edition Japan
2008 - Ry Cooder: "I, Flathead"
2008 - Ry Cooder: "I, Flathead" (DeLuxe Edition including the book "The Songs of Kash Buk and the Klowns" by Ry Cooder)
2008 - Ry Cooder: "The Ry Cooder Anthology: The UFO Has Landed" (incl. unreleased track "Let's Work Together")
2011 - Ry Cooder: "Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down" (CD)
2011 - Ry Cooder: "Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down" (2LP)
2012 - Ry Cooder: "Election Special" (CD)
2012 - Ry Cooder: "Election Special" (LP + 9 track promo + bumpersticker + button) the inner album sleeve contains the lyrics of "10 Commandments On Vietnam", wich song is not on the original release
2013 - Ry Cooder & Corridos Famosos: "Live In San Francisco" 2011 (CD)
2013 - Ry Cooder & Corridos Famosos: "Live In San Francisco" 2011 (2LP)

1966 - Paul Revere & The Raiders: "Midnight Ride"
1966 - Rising Sons: "Rising Sons" (22 songs)
1966 - Rising Sons: "Rising Sons" (18 songs - CD released by Israphone)
1967 - Captain Beefheart: "Safe As Milk"
1967 - Taj Mahal: "Taj Mahal"
1967 - Ceyleib People: "Tanyet"
1967 - Don and the Goodtimes: "So Good". 2006 CD re-issue
1968 - Anders & Poncia: "The Anders & Poncia Album"
1968 - Dale Hawkins: "LA, Memphis & Tyler, Texas"
1968 - John Braden: "John Braden"
1968 - Mark Levine: "Pilgrim's Progress"
1968 - Pat Boone: "Departure"
1968 - Monkees: "Head"
1968 - Honey Ltd: "The Complete LHI Recordings" re-issued in 2013
1968 - Rolling Stones: "Beggars Banquet"
1968 - Rolling Stones: "Beggars Banquet Outtakes" (possible Ry on mandolin/slide guitar)
1969 - Judy Henske & Jerry Yester: "Farewell Aldebaran" (possible Ry Cooder & David Lindley)
1969 - Arlo Guthrie: "Running Down The Road"
1969 - Fusion: "Border Town"
1969 - Gentle Soul: "Gentle Soul" / 2003 reissue with bonus tracks
1969 - Harper's Bizarre: "Harpers Bizarre 4"
1969 - Neil Young: "Neil Young"
1969 - Paul Revere & The Raiders: "Hard 'n' Heavy (with marshmellows)"
1969 - Phil Ochs: "Greatest Hits"
1969 - Rolling Stones: "Let It Bleed"
1969 - Ron Elliott: "The Candlestickmaker"
1969 - Them: "Them"
1969 - GTO's: "Permanent Damage"
1969 - RUTHANN FRIEDMAN "Complete Constant Companion Sessions 1969" / 2014 CD re-issue with bonus tracks with Ry Cooder
1970 - Alex Richman: "Salty"
1970 - Arlo Guthrie: "Washington County"
1970 - Eve: "Take It And Smile"
1970 - Gordon Lightfoot: "If You Could Read My Mind"
1970 - Little Feat: "Little Feat"
1970 - Longbranch Pennywhistle - "Longbranch Pennywhistle"
1970 - Marc Benno: "Marc Benno"
1970 - Randy Newman: "12 Songs"
1970 - Ron Nagle: "Bad Rice" (Jan. 2015 CD-reissue)
1970 - Scott McKenzie: "Stained Glass Morning"
1971 - Buffy Sainte-Marie: "She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina"
1971 - Zalman Yanovsky - "Alive and Well In Argentina" (2010 CD reissue) Rumours that Ry Cooder plays on As long as you here/Ereh Er' ouy sa G nol sa
1971 - Crazy Horse: "Crazy Horse"
1971 - David Blue: "Stories"
1971 - Don Everly: "Don Everly"
1971 - Judy Collins: "Living"
1971 - Possum: "Possum"
1971 - Rita Coolidge: "Rita Coolidge"
1971 - Rolling Stones: "Sticky Fingers"
1971 - Rolling Stones: "That Demon Life - Sticky Fingers Outtakes" (Ry slide guitar on Sister Morphine: basic stereo-mix)
1966-1970 - Rolling Stones: "Got To Be Worked On" (Various Olympic Studios Sessions bootleg, alt. Sister Morphine)
1972 - Steve Young: "Seven Bridges Road"
1972 - Arlo Guthrie: "Hobo's Lullaby"
1972 - Everly Brothers: "Stories We Could Tell"
1972 - Gordon Lightfoot: "Don Quixote"
1972 - Norman Greenbaum: "Petaluma"
1972 - Randy Newman: "Sail Away"
1972 - Rolling Stones: "Jamming With Edward"
1973 - Arlo Guthrie - "Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys"
1973 - Billy Mernit: "Special Delivery"
1973 - Brenda Patterson: "Brenda Patterson"
1973 - Claudia Lennear: "Phew"
1973 - Maria Muldaur: "Maria Muldaur"
1973 - Mike Seeger: "The Second Annual Farewell Reunion"
1973 - Rod Taylor: "Rod Taylor"
1974 - Arlo Guthrie: "Arlo Guthrie"
1974 - John Sebastian: "Tarzana Kid"
1974 - Randy Newman: "Good Old Boys"
1974 - Terry Melcher: "Terry Melcher"
1975 - Doobie Brothers: "Stampede"
1975 - Johnny Cash: "John R. Cash"
1975 - Gabby Pahinui Band: "The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band - Vol 1"
1977 - Larry Groce: "Please Take Me Back"
1977 - Randy Newman: "Little Criminals"
1977 - The Gabby Pahinui Band: "The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band - Vol 2"
1978 - Lenny Carlson: "Search For The Floor"
1978 - Rodney Crowell: "Ain't Living Long Like This"
1979 - Memphis Development Foundation - "Beale Street Saturday Night"
1979 - Van Morrison: "Into The Music"
1980 - Shoukichi Kina & Champloose: "Blood Line" (Japan Only)
1980 - Rita Coolidge: "Greatest Hits"
1981 - Little Feat: "Hoy Hoy"
1982 - Peter Moon Band: "Cane Fire"
1983 - Eric Clapton: "Money & Cigarettes"
1983 - Paul Revere & The Raiders: "Kicks"
1983 - T-Bone Burnett: "Proof Through The Night"
1984 - Steve Douglas: "King Cobra"
1984 - Textones: "Midnight Mission"
1985 - Kim Carnes: "Barking At Airplanes"
1985 - John Mellencamp: "Scarecrow"
1986 - Nancy Sinatra: "Boots"
1987 - Duane Eddy: "His Twangy Guitar, And The Rebels"
1987 - Emmy Lou Harris, Dolly Parton & Linda Ronstadt: "The Trio"
1987 - John Hiatt: "Bring The Family"
1987 - Marianne Faithfull: "The Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull"
1988 - Bobby King & Terry Evans: "Live And Let Live!"
1988 - Doug Legacy And The Legends Of The West: "Hey You!"
1988 - James Luther Dickinson: "Down Home" (Delta Experimental Projects Compilation, Volume 1, The Blues)
1989 - Flaco Jimenez: "Flaco's Amigos"
1989 - Peter Case: "The Man With The Blue Postmodern Fragmented Neo Traditionalist Guitar"
1989 - Syd Straw: "Surprise"
1990 - Bobby King & Terry Evans: "Rhythm, Blues, Soul & Grooves"
1990 - Doug Legacy with the Zydeco Party Band: "King Cake Party"
1990 - Nick Lowe: "Party Of One" / 1995 reissue with 2 bonus tracks
1990 - Rita Coolidge: "Fire Me Back"
1990 - Van Morrison: "The Best of Van Morrison"
1991 - Aaron Neville: "Warm Your Heart"
1991 - John Lee Hooker: "Mr Lucky"
1992 - Flaco Jimenez: "Partners"
1992 - Little Village: "Little Village"
1992 - Pahinui Brothers: "Pahinui Brothers"
1992 - Pops Staples: "Peace To The Neighborhood"
1992 - Shoukichi Kina: "Introduction"
1993 - Duane Eddy: "Twang Thang"
1993 - V.M.Bhatt & Ry Cooder: "A Meeting By The River"
1993 - Kim Carnes: "Gypsy Honeymoon" - The Best of Kim Carnes
1994 - Terry Evans: "Blues For Thought"
1994 - Ali Farka Touré: "Talking Timbuktu"
1994 - Nenes: "KOZA Dabasa"
1994 - Pops Staples: "Father Father"
1994 - Shoukichi Kina: "Peppermint Tea House"
1994 - The Tractors: "The Tractors"
1995 - A.J. Croce: "That's Me In The Bar"
1995 - Carla Olson: "Wave of the Hand"
1995 - Chieftains: "The Long Black Veil"
1995 - Cooder/Lindley Family: "Live At The Vienna Opera House" (feat. Joachim Cooder & Rosanne Lindley)
1995 - Randy Newman: "Faust"
1995 - Terry Evans: "Puttin' It Down"
1996 - Carlos Nunez: "Brotherhood of Stars"
1996 - Clarence Gatemouth Brown: "Long Way Home"
1996 - Everly Brothers: "Stories We Could Tell The RCA Recordings"
1996 - Jackson Browne: "Looking East"
1996 - Texas Tornadoes: "4 Aces"
1996 - Chieftains: "Santiago"
1997 - Afro Cuban All Stars: "A toda Cuba le gusta"
1997 - Buena Vista Social Club: "Buena Vista Social Club"
1997 - Terry Evans: "Come To The River"
1998 - John Hiatt: "Greatest Hits: A&M Years '87-'94"
1998 - John Lee Hooker: "The Best of Friends"
1998 - Randy Newman: "Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman"
1999 - Eliades Ochoa: "Sublime Ilusion"
1999 - Ibrahim Ferrer: "Buena Vista Social Club Presents...."
1999 - Bill Frisell: "Good Dog, Happy Man"
1999 - Jon Hassell: "Fascinoma"
1999 - Janice Robinson: "The Color Within Me"
2000 - Terry Evans: "Walk That Walk"
2000 - Ronu Majumdar, Jon Hassell, Ry Cooder: "Hollow Bamboo"
2000 - Ruben Gonzalez: "Chanchullo"
2000 - Buena Vista Social Club: "Buena Vista Social Club" DVDaudio
2002 - James Taylor: "October Road"
2002 - Steve Vai: "The Elusive Light and Sound, Vol. 1"
2003 - David Lindley y Wally Ingram: "Twango Bango III" (The song "Tokyo Bootlegger Man" written by Ry Cooder)
2003 - Manuel Galbán & Ry Cooder: "Mambo Sinuendo"
2003 - James Luther Dickinson: "Field Recordings" (Delta Experimental Projects Compilation, Vol. 3)
2003 - Ibrahim Ferrer: "Buenos Hermanos"
2003 - Aaron Neville: "Nature Boy: The Standards Album"
2003 - Warren Zevon: "The Wind"
2003 - Randy Newman: "Faust" [Expanded]
2004 - Luz Casal: "Sencilia Alegria"
2005 - Terry Evans: "Fire In The Feeling" ("My Baby Joined The Army" written by Ry Cooder, with David Lindley on lap-steel guitar)
2005 - Sunny Levine: "Love Rhino"
2005 - Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté: "In the Heart of the Moon"
2006 - Hello Stranger: "Hello Stranger"
2007 - Happy Mondays: "Uncle Dysfunctional"
2007 - Mavis Staples: "We'll Never Turn Back"
2007 - Robert Francis: "One By One"
2007 - T-Bone Burnett: Proof Through The Night & The Complete Trap Door
2008 - Ersi Arvizu: "Friend For Life"
2008 - Juliette Commagère: "Queens Die Proudly"
2008 - Buena Vista Social Club: "At Carnegie Hall" (recorded July 1998)
2009 - Robert Francis: "Before Nightfall"
2010 - The Chieftains featuring Ry Cooder: "San Patricio" (DeLuxe Edition - CD+DVD)
2010 - Los Cenzontles: "Raza de Oro" (song: Mas Allá)
2011 - North Mississippi Allstars: "Keys To The Kingdom" (song: Aint No Grave).
2012 - Grandpa Banana: "Even Grandpas Get The Blues" (song: Married To The Blues)
2012 - Robert Francis: "Strangers In The First Place"
2012 - Bobby King: "They Don't Know"
2012 - Hans Theessink & Terry Evans: "Delta Time"
2013 - Carly Ritter: "Carly Ritter" (Ry Cooder plays guitars and/or mandolin on every song Carly Ritter told in an interview)
2012 - Carly Ritter: "Is It Love" (Original Rough Demo)
2012 - Carly Ritter: "The Ever-Loving Kind" (Original Rough Demo)
2013 - Juliette Commagère: "Human"
2014 - The Haden Triplets: "The Haden Triplets"
2014 - Lowell Levinger (aka Banana): "Down To The Roots" re-edit version of Even Grandpas Get The Blues
2014 - Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White: "Hearts Like Ours‏"
2015 - Sam Outlaw: "Angeleno"
2015 - Lowell Levinger (aka Banana): "Get Together" 'Banana recalls Youngbloods Classics'

1972 - Various Artists: "Woody Guthrie Tribute Part I"
1972 - Various Artists: "Woody Guthrie Tribute Part II"
1975 - Ry Cooder: "The Old Grey Whistle Test", BBC TV UK
1979 - Various Artists: "No Nukes"
1980 - Various Artists: "Silver Meteor"
1985 - Various Artists: "Slash Cuts"
1989 - Doug Legacy & The Legends Of The West: "Bummed Out Christmas"
1990 - Various Artists: "(Almost) Everybody Slides"
1990 - Various Artists: "Feeding The Flame: Songs By Men To End Aids"
1991 - Ry Cooder Classics I (No Ry, but a compilation of earlier or original versions of Ry Cooder songs)
1992 - Various Artists: "Ferrington Guitars" (Book and CD)
1992 - Ry Cooder Classics II (No Ry, but a compilation of earlier or original versions of Ry Cooder songs)
1992 - Dwight Yoakam & Ry Cooder: "Music Of The West: A Tribute to the Singing Cowboys"
1993 - Duane Eddy: "Twang Thang" - The Duane Eddy Anthology
1995 - Various Artists: "Wizard Of Oz In Concert"
1996 - Emmylou Harris: "Portraits" - Reprise Archives
1968/1996 - Rolling Stones & Various Artists - "Rock & Roll Circus" (Originally 1968 BBC TV Broadcast never been shown - Ry on Marianne Faithfull's "Something Better")
1997 - Various Artists: "Celtic Twilight, Vol. 4: Celtic Planet"
1997 - Various Artists: "Rock And Roll Doctor": Lowell George Tribute Album
1998 - The Byrds: "Byrd Parts"
1999 - Various Artists: "ROUTES": Britain, Ireland, and North America
1999 - Various Artists: "ROUTES": Africa, Europe, Asia and the World
2000 - Various Artists: "The Best Blues Album in the World... Ever!"
2000 - Buena Vista Social Club: "The Buena Vista Social Club Series"
2000 - Various Artists: "Luaka Bop 10th Anniversary": Zero Accidents on the Job
2001 - Judy Collins: "Very Best of Judy Collins
2001 - Scott McKenzie: "" Stained Glass Reflections": Anthology, 1960-1970
2002 - The Roots of Ry Cooder (No Ry, but a compilation of earlier or original versions of Ry Cooder songs)
2002 - Various Artists: "Walking in Memphis"
2002 - Various Artists: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
2004 - Various Artists: "Enjoy Every Sandwich: Songs of Warren Zevon"
2004 -"Various Artists: "The Nonesuch Collection" promo Free CD withe the March 2004 UNCUT Magazine. With Ry Cooder & Manual Galban's "Drume Negrita"
2005 - Crazy Horse: "Scratchy": The Reprise Recordings. (Alternate Dirty, Dirty with Ry Cooder)
2005 - Various Artists: "Our New Orleans": A Benefit Album for the Gulf Coast
2006 - Various Artists: "From the Big Apple to the Big Easy": Madison Square Garden Concert
2006 - Various Artists: "World Circuit Presents..."
2009 - Nancy Sinatra: "Cherry Smiles" 'The Rare Singles' (Ry on "Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone" (1971))
2009 - Various Artists: "Keep Your Soul": A Tribute To Doug Sahm
2009 - Nick Lowe: "Quiet Please", The New Best of Nick Lowe (CD/DVD)
2011 - Van Dyke Parks: "Arrangements Volume 1"
Ry Cooder plays on Sal Valentino's single "Alligator Man" (1969)
2012 - Various Artists: "Complete Control" '15 Tracks From The Month's Best New Albums'
Free CD September 2012 UNCUT Magazine UK with "Guantanamo" from Ry Cooder's new album "Election Special". Also an interview with Ry Cooder in the UNCUT magazine.
2012 - Various Artists: "THEY ALL PLAYED FOR US" - Arhoolie's 50th Anniversay Celebration
Available at http://www.arhoolie.com. Preview of the 192 page full color book and 4 CDs capturing three days of concerts celebrating Arhoolie Records 50th Anniversary, a benefit for the Arhoolie Foundation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTBiUgNUIrE.
Photographed by Mike Melnyk.
Hosted by Nick Spitzer with music by Santiago Jimenez Jr., Los Cenzontles, Ry Cooder (Vigilante Man and Wooly Bully), Any Old Time String Band, Dacvid Doucet, Peter Rowan, Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands, Goodtime Washboard Three, Creole Belles, Barbara Dane, Bob Mielke's All Stars, Toni Brown & Terry Garthwite, The Savoy Cajun Band, The Treme Brass Band, Eric & Suzy Thompson, Maria Muldaur, Country Joe McDonald, The Campbell Brothers, Savoy Family Band, and Taj Mahal.

2012 - "Lee Hazlewood, The LHI Years 1968-1971"
The line-up of each track is mentioned.
The first track "Califia" features :
Clarence White, guitar; Russ Titelman, guitar; Ry Cooder, guitar or bass; Don Randi, piano; Jack Nitzsche, keyboards; Paul Humphrey, drums; Alan Estes, percussion

2013 - Various Artists: Woody Guthrie At 100! Live At The Kennedy Center, Washington, Oct. 14 2012 CD+DVD
2015 - Various Artisis: 40 Years Bear Family Records. Ry Cooder with "Bear Family Song"

Read more at: https://www.bear-family.de/various-40-years-bear-family-records-3-cd/1-dvd.html
Copyright © Bear Family

1969 - Various Artists: "Watermelon Man"
1970 - Various Artists: "Performance"
1978 - Various Artists: "Blue Collar"
1978 - Various Artists: "Going South" (not released)
1980 - Ry Cooder: "The Long Riders"
1981 - Ry Cooder: "The Border"
1981 - Ry Cooder: "Southern Comfort" (not released) Theme from Southern Comfort and Swamp Walk are released on Music By Ry Cooder 1995)
1984 - Various Artists: "Streets of Fire". Hold That Snake, Bomber Bash (Released on Music By Ry Cooder 1995)
1985 - Ry Cooder: "Alamo Bay"
1985 - Ry Cooder: "Paris, Texas"
1985 - Ry Cooder: "Brewster's Millions" (not released). End tune: "In The Nick Of Time", written by Ry Cooder and Huey Lewis, performed by Patti LaBelle.
1986 - Ry Cooder: "Blue City"
1986 - Ry Cooder: "Crossroads"
1986 - Various Artists: "The Color Purple"
1988 - Various Artists: "Cocktail"
1988 - Ry Cooder (music) & Robin Williams (narration): "Pecos Bill"
1989 - Ry Cooder: "Johnny Handsome"
1989 - Various Artists: "Steel Magnolias"
1990 - Various Artists: "Cadillac Man" - End Tune Tattler by Ry Cooder, new arrangement (not released)
1992 - Ry Cooder: "Trespass"
1992 - Various Artists: "Trespass" (The score)
1992 - Various Artists: "Tales From the Crypt"
1993 - Ry Cooder: "Geronimo: An American Legend"
1995 - Various Artists: "Dead Man Walking" (Soundtrack)
1995 - Various Artists: "Dead Man Walking, 'Music from and inspired by The Motion Picture' (Score)
1995 - Ry Cooder: "Music By Ry Cooder" (2 CD)
1996 - Ry Cooder: "Last Man Standing"
1997 - Ry Cooder: "The End Of Violence"
1997 - Various Artists: "The End Of Violence", Songs from the Original Soundtrack (Score)
1998 - Ry Cooder: "Primary Colors"
1998 - Various Artists: "Palmetto"
1981/1985/2006 - Ry Cooder: "Border/Alamo Bay" [Original Soundtracks]
2007 - Ry Cooder: "The New Haven Raids" (a David Koff documentary)
2008 - Various Artists: "My Blueberry Nights"
2009 - "The People Speak" (documentary) feat. Bob Dylan with Ry Cooder and VanDyke Parks performing Do-Re-Mi (Woody Guthrie)
2014 - "Queens & Cowboys" - Docu score by Joachim Cooder. No official release is planned so far. Ry plays guitar on the score.
2014 - "This Ain't No Mouse Music" The Story Of Chris Strachwitz and ARHOOLIE Records 2 CD set

1969 - Reprise Records Pro 447: Side 1 An Interview with Captain Beefheart, side 2 Ry Cooder - Talking about (Stones, selftitled LP, Bottleneck)
1969 - Sal Valentino: "Silkie" and "Song for Rochelle"
1970 - Arlo Guthrie: "Ballad of Tricky Fred"*
* Non Album track
1973 - Bobby King: "Lookin for Love"
1973 - US Airforce promotional single: "Find yourself a Star"
1977-2012: Ry Cooder & The Chicken Skin Band "Live In Hamburg 1977" Jan. 26 1977 WDR TV Rockpalast
1981 - Ry Cooder: "Across The Borderline"
(Japan only Single)
1982 - Ry Cooder: "Big City"
(Japan only Single)
1982 - Ry Cooder: "Borderlive" (LP) Live 1981 London (Promo)
1987 - John Hiatt: "Have a Little Faith in Me", "Lipstick Sunset"
1987 - Ry Cooder: "Get Rhythm", "Get Your Lies Straight"*
* Non Album track
1988 - Doug Legacy and the Legends Of the West: "Christmas in Prison" and "Christmas on the Range"*
* Non Album track
1991 - John Lee Hooker: "This is hip"
1992 - Little Village: "She Runs Hot" (promo)
1992 - Little Village: "She Runs Hot", "Do With Me What You Want to Do"*, "Haunted House"*
* Non Album track
1992 - Little Village: "Solar Sex Panel", "Do With Me What You Want to Do"*, "Haunted House"*
* Non Album track
1992 - Ry Cooder: "Words + Music" - Interview and Music about the Album "Music By Ry Cooder" (Promo)
1992 - Ry Cooder & Jim Keltner: "King Of The Street" * Clean Album Version (Promo)
* There are 2 different versions of King Of The Street, the clean album version and the one on the soundtrack/score.
1994 - The Chieftains: "Long Black Veil", "Have I told you", "Foggy Dew" (Promo)
1995 - Ry Cooder: "River Come Down"
1997 - Buena Vista Social Club: "Chan Chan", "Dos Gardenias", "Macusa"*
* Non Album track
1997 - Buena Vista Social Club: "Candela"
1997 - Buena Vista Social Club: "5 song Japan Only EP", incl. non Album Track Macusa and Ruben Gonzalez Live
1999 - Ibrahim Ferrer: "Silencio", "Que Bueno", "Baila Usted", "Melodia Del Rio"*
* Non Album track
2007 - Ry Cooder: "My Name Is Buddy" (Promo)
2007 - Mavis Staples: "I'll Be Rested", "We Shall Not Be Moved"
1997/2008 - Buena Vista Social Club: "El Manisero". Non album track available as download when you subscribed to the BVSC newsletter, announcing the release of the BVSC CD Live at Carnegie Hall.
2008 - Buena Vista Social Club: "Chan Chan At Carnegie Hall" (Promo)
2010 - Ry Cooder: "Quicksand" - "Quicksand," the new single written and performed by Ry Cooder in response to Arizona law SB 1070 and the ongoing immigration battle in the US, is available exclusively at iTunes. As described by Cooder, "Quicksand" is a slow-burning rocker that tells the story of six would-be immigrants making their way from Mexico to the Arizona border. He has pledged to donate all proceeds from the song to MALDEF, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund.
2011 - Ry Cooder - "Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down" (14 track full album promo) The first send promo's contain 13 tracks without "I Want My Crown"
2011 - Bangkok Starters (Sunny Levine and Joachim Cooder feat. Ry Cooder on guitar) "Death On The Beach"
2011 - Jorge Calderon - Single "Blue City" and "On Mardi Gras Day". (Jorge Calderon: Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Maracas, Ry Cooder: Slide Guitar, Luis Conte: Cajon, Congas and Maracas, Don Heffington: Drums, John Thomas: Hammond Organ (promo)
(See the Ry Cooder News page for more info about Jorge Calderon)
2011 - Ry Cooder - "Wall Street Part of Town" (special song to support the OWS movement)
Nov. 16 12:05, Just out: from the great Ry Cooder with OWS song, with refrain, Still Looking for "The Wall Street Part of Town". Standing in the rain and breaking off the chains. He'd already produced recently the classic "No Banker Left Behind". Sample: "Divide and rule / hat's always been their plan / But this time we've got friends. ..."
2012 - Ry Cooder - "Going To Tampa" (Two versions with a different mandolin intro)
The inspiration for one of the most racially inflammatory ads in modern Presidential politics, Horton is also now the subject of an ironic new song by Ry Cooder, the composer, singer, and guitarist rumored to have taught Keith Richards how to really get his blues on. Cooder, who lives in California, happens to have a cache of new songs about politics, most of which have yet to be released. They include a bluesy bay from Romney’s dog, complete with hound accompaniment, and a haunting mandolin riff devoted to the Koch Brothers. Cooder turns out to be a New Yorker reader, and after seeing this week’s story in the magazine about Larry McCarthy, the creator of the original 1988 Willie Horton ad, who is now making attack ads for the pro-Romney Super PAC, Cooder sent me his Horton number. It’s called, “Going to Tampa,” in honor of the coming Republican National Convention. So here, in Cooder’s words, is the “glorious world première.” As he told me, “You heard it here, you heard it first”: “Going to Tampa”.
Read more at: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/newsdesk/2012/02/ry-cooder-willie-horton.html#ixzz1ngwHFUQW

2012 - Ry Cooder - "Election Special" 10 song promo including "10 Commandments On Vietnam". The official album contain 9 songs, without "10 Commandments On Vietnam".
2012 - Ry Cooder: "Election Special" 9 song promo.
2013 - Ry Cooder & Corridos Famosos: "Live in San Francisco" 12 song promo.
2015 - Ry Cooder & Banda Boogaloo: "Under My Thumb". Listen at: https://soundcloud.com/obon-city
2016 - Juliette Commagère - "America" (No Trump) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD3uKOSxKGo
2016 - Carly Ritter "Hills Of Home" from her forthcoming album
2016 - Carly Ritter "My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You" from her forthcoming album
2016 - Carly Ritter "(I've Got Spurs That) Jingle, Jangle, Jingle" from her forthcoming album

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Ry Cooder: Quicksand - Special single available as download at www.nonesuch.com.
The track is available exclusively on iTunes (USA only!!!!), with all proceeds going to support MALDEF, the Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund.
Quicksand (iTunes Exclusive){Album Lyrics}

Quicksand Lyrics

I left my home in Tamaulipas
In Sonoyta i came across
There was but 6 of us when we started
walking behind the coyote boss

(Man's name was Javier, he didn't look right to me. Said 'keep on walking get your coke jug')

An old man said please let me go along with you
Yes i'm old but i'm mighty tough
I know the road and maybe i can help you
I got good shoes i won't hold you up

1st night we stopped and rested
Next morning our guide was gone
The Sinaloa boy was for retreating
The old man said, the mountain's on the right we can't go wrong

But somewhere up on Tenahas Altas, he stumbled and then he fell
He begged and he pleaded but we had to leave him lyin on Camino Diablo trail

Quicksand i think we lost direction
Quicksand now we're losin ground
Quicksand nobody round to help us
I think we're sinking down

Thought we was getting close to Yuma
I heard it's an unfriendly town
We just need a cool drink of water
Even Yuma can't turn a poor boy down
Then a Dodge Ram truck drove right down on us
Sayin I'm your vigilante man and i'm here to say your ass just got deported
I'm taking you out just as fast as i can
He said you might be an old typhoid carrier
Might be a new drug cartel
Suppose you been sent by al kayeda
Sure would like to get our hands on Al

Well mister it's 120 degrees back out there
It's just me and the boy, the rest are gone
I think you'd take more pity on rescue pit bull dogs
Call us Charles and Bronson from now on


Source: the world wide web.
Music and lyrics copyright: Mr. Ry Cooder 2010.

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